Mum fuming after ‘horrible’ mum-in-law calls her fat two months after giving birth

New mum Idalis Lago was left horrified when her very own mum-in-law told her she was fat less than two months after she gave birth to her child

There is a lot a pressure on women, especially when it comes to motherhood, with glossy magazines perpetuating the idea that mums are supposed to ‘bounce back’ right after giving birth.

But, as anyone who has given birth will tell you, it’s not all that simple, and it will often take a long time for women to feel as though their body is back to ‘normal’ – if it all.

One new mum, however, has experienced first hand just how judgemental people can be when it comes to post-partum bodies, and to make matters worse, it came from her very own mother-in-law.

Taking to TikTok, Idalis Lago said to her followers: “To all of those who have absolute horrible mother-in-laws, mine just came over.

“Guess what she said to me?”

Idalis then spoke in another language, which she explained in her caption meant her mother-in-law had told her she was “too fat.”

She continued: “I had a baby less than two months ago and I look good. What’s your excuse?”

While Idalis is right, she does look amazing, there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s never acceptable to comment on a woman’s weight, let alone less than two months after they’ve given birth.

“Jealousy kills them! You’re absolutely beautiful,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “They’re all like that! And their sons are the most perfect things in the universe and can do no wrong.”

“My mother-in-law told me I looked awful after having a C-section… five hours later,” a third TikTok user wrote.

A fourth added: “Wow, mine said the same to me four months after I had a baby. Now we don’t speak and I love it.”